Happy Birthday Tori!

12 03 2008

My First Attempt at Fondant

My baby girl turned 2 this Saturday! I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone or how grown up she seems to me now. (That makes it sound like she’s out bar hopping or planning to elope to Vegas or something.) She just seems like such a “kid” all of a sudden. I blinked one day and my baby was gone and in her place I got this precocious, adorable, stubborn little sub-adult in her place. She quickly caught on that Saturday was a day she could get away with anything! She woke up and asked for “Puppy Dog Movie” (Lady and the Tramp) for the 15th time this week and I answered with, “Sure sweetie, and here’s a dough nut for breakfast.” She blinked for a second in confusion and then narrowed her eyes with a look that clearly said “Ha! Now I OWN you!” Somehow despite being spoiled rotten all day, she still behaved very well at her party and seemed to have a great time. Since I’d been working all week on preparations, it was a relief to have everything turn out well. The only thing that could have made it better is if my cake had been more moist. (My husband says I’m crazy, but I know it was too dry!) It was impressively pretty, though, and no one actually refused to eat it, so it couldn’t have been too bad. Of all of the great presents Tori received, nothing topped the bag of plastic cups and bowls that her Gram gave her. I know my sweet mother in law was probably disappointed when I suggested such a practical gift, but I was tired of feeding Tori out of tupperware and it worked out well in the end. Tori was mowing through toy after toy until she got to the bag of dishes and then the entire party came to a complete standstill. She started matching colors and stacking the cups with the bowls (um, OCD a bit?) and we couldn’t even get her attention enough to talk her into opening another present. Oh well, at least she wasn’t playing with the box they came in.




One response

13 03 2008

The party was so much fun! And I can’t believe how big Tori is getting too. She was so cute at the party! Ok, your cake might have been just the tiniest bit dry, but it was far from being bad! So, there! 😛

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