A lesson in futility

13 03 2008

img_1145.jpgThe girls and I met a bunch of other kids and moms from the playgroup at the rodeo yesterday. After packing up, driving, parking, walking to the arena, walking, walking, and walking some more we finally got inside and found the petting zoo and the other mothers. Did I mention we had to walk a bit? Tori was fascinated with the petting zoo at first. Once we were inside, however, she tried to crawl up my leg and started frantically crying “UP!” All of her friends were having similar bouts of panic and like all the other mothers, I knelt down in the wood shavings and told her how pretty all the animals were and showed her the babies and helped her pet a little bitty goat. Crisis averted. This lasted for about 2 minutes. Apparently, when you are two, the allure of petting baby animals is nothing compared to the joy that you get from picking up handfuls of wood chips and throwing them in a water bowl. So after 10 minutes of wood chip flinging fun, we strapped all the kids back into their strollers and headed to the birthing center. The birthing center is the maternity ward for cows and pigs. Only instead of a nice private suite with (in my case) half your family watching, these poor animals had hundreds and hundreds of kids and adults gawking at them while they suffered through labor. I wanted to pet the mothers-to-be and tell them that I could sympathize, but I’m sure if I did that I would come back with a bloody stump which would be no less than I would deserve for touching a woman in labor with no epidural! From there we took the kids to see baby chicks hatching. How cool is that? All of the mothers (me included) were pointing to the eggs and talking to their kids in their sing song voices, “Look, honey! The chicks are hatching! That little baby is being born right now! Isn’t that amazing?” As all of us are desperately trying to educate our children, every single toddler was turned away from the amazing chicks and playing with the clasps on their strollers. Every. Single. One. This was the moment where I started to realize that maybe we are trying to do too much with our kids. They would probably get the same thrill from sitting in the front yard and watching the garbage get picked up and yet we’re all busting our butts to make their day more “enriching”. As I’m having my epiphany, I open my mouth to comment on the silliness of this whole affair. “We should bring them back for the dog show this summer!” What? What did I just say?!?! *sigh* I give up. It must be a sickness.




One response

13 03 2008

Oh! Let me know when you are going to the dog show and I’ll try to take off and meet yiu with Zach! Ok, yes, it MUST be a sickness!!

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