Channeling My Inner Betty Crocker

13 03 2008

Today I made strawberry muffins. I started with the recipe from this site and I added about a quarter cup of cream cheese (because I’m convinced that cream cheese is the baking equivalent of bacon- and everything can be improved with bacon!). The first batch turned out OK, but it was still missing something. More cream cheese! So for the last batch, I filled the tin up half way with batter, put a little scoop of cream cheese in the center, and then added the rest of the batter to the tin. To top them off, I sprinkled them with fancy crystal sugar. The result was perfect! My proudest moment came when Tori and I got home from school and she wailed, “Hungry Mama!” and instead of scrambling around looking for something, I was able to hand her a nice, fairly healthy, home-made muffin with fresh fruit in it! Which she took two bites of, declared, “Ew! Gross!” and set back down on the table. It was a nice moment while it lasted.

Strawberry Cream Cheese Muffins




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