My mall shopping trip

29 03 2008

When you have 2 young kids, you hardly ever go to the mall. I brought Taryn in for her 8 month pictures (they’ll be up as soon as I can scan them!) and I did a little shopping for myself while I was there. Here’s what I got.

At Libby Lu, I got a free Hanna Montana CD for my cousin thanks to this coupon. At Bath and Body works, I spent around $3 on some travel body spray for me and used this coupon to get a free gift bag worth $10. At Victoria Secrets, I bought myself some sparkly eye shadow and eye liner on sale for $10 and received a full sized body scrub thanks to this coupon. Have I mentioned that I love coupons?



4 responses

31 03 2008

Where did you find the Victoria Secret coupon? I would love to find that one. :o) I am just starting out with coupons and I love it. You all amaze me with your great deals. Thank you. ~Yvette

31 03 2008

I updated the link, so hopefully it will work for you now. If not, just google Victoria Secrets body scrub coupon and it should come up. Happy Shopping!

31 03 2008

Thank you so much!

31 03 2008

Oh, I want pictures of Taryn!

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