Friday Fill in

11 04 2008

Sorry, I haven’t posted in so long. My blog is a little young for me to abandon it so quickly (even if temporarily), but I’ve been in a funk. Thanks to wynk for giving me an easy post to get back in the groove.

1. I love springtime in Texas! (Especially since my new garden is doing wonderfully!)
2. Coffee and biscotti are foods I love to eat for breakfast. (The biscotti is rare, but the coffee is everyday)
3. It seems I’m always searching for a purpose.
4. Snuggling is a great way to end the day.
5. I think I need a nap!
6. My grandmother’s cocoa and biscuits is what I’ve been craving lately.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to shopping with my sister and mom, tomorrow my plans include a wedding shower in Lake Jackson and Sunday, I want to enjoy my visit in Beaumont with the in-laws.


CVS sales- stock up on baby stuff!

6 04 2008

April 6, 2008

Total Value: $122.74

Total OOP: $6.43

Saved $116.31 or 95%

Spent 49.45 in ECB; Made 38 in ECB

Great shopping day!

4 04 2008
TOTAL OOP: $21.64!!
Total Value: $126.13
Total Saved: $104.49 or 83%
(and I made $6.79 ECBs and a coupon for free cereal!)
First I went to CVS
1st transaction
2 6-packs Glucerna Shakes @ 10.49 each
Used 2 $10 off coupons from the Glucerna website. (See Money Saving Mom for details)
Paid 98 cents OOP
Made $4 ECB!
2nd transaction
5 CVS Rapid Release Pain 24ct capsules (April deal)
1 Chocolate Bar (random filler)
1 Charms Blow pop (random filler)
$4/20 CVS coupon (just register or update your email at
Used 14.97 ECB+ 2.00 ECB + 19 cents OOP
Received $19.95 in ECB (made 2.79 in ECB)
1 box Glucerna Cereal @ 4.49
2 Softsoap handwashes @ .99 each (with instore coupon)
Used $1.50 coupon for the cereal from a sticker on the top of the shakes that I bought at CVS
Used $5 Register Rewards
Walgreens owed me a dime after the transactions
Received a coupon for a free Glucerna cereal and a coupon for 1.50/2 shakes, bars or cereal
Then I went to Kroger.
They are having a great sale where if you buy 10 participating products, then you get $5 off at the register (with a limit of 3 instant rebates per transaction)
Everything shown except the eggs and packages of chicken were included in that sale.
1 carton of eggs
2 packages Tyson boneless chicken breast (Kroger sale- Buy 1 Get 1 Free + $1.00/1 from SS 1/06)
4 packages Betty Crocker Pouch Cookie Mix ( 4 $.50/1 from 3/16 SS)
3 boxes Betty Crocker Muffin Mix (3 $0.50/1 from 3/16 SS)
3 Pilsbury Crescent Rolls 4-5 count (3 $.30/1 from 3/16 SS)
2 Pilsbury Pizza Crust + 1 French Loaf (2 $.50/2 from 3/16 SS)
4 Pilsbury Buttermilk Biscuits 4 count (2 $.30/2 from 3/16 SS)
1 Excedrin Extra Strength 10 count (1 $2.00/1 from 3/2 RP *my kroger does not allow overage so this counted as $1/1)
2 New York Texas Garlic Toast ($.40/1 from1/27 RP)
1 Keebler Fudge Shoppe ($.40/1 from 4/6 RP *came in the mail yesterday)
4 Kraft Block Cheese
4 Peter Pan Peanut Butter 18 oz.
Kroger savings: $28.11
Coupons: $24.70
Kroger Bonus Coupons: $8.00
Total Savings: $60.81
Total Paid: $20.57

March CVS Wrapup

2 04 2008
Total Value: $816.91
Total OOP: $104.04
Total Saved: $712.87 or 87%
All in all, it was more out of pocket than I would have preferred to have spent, but I didn’t “figure it out” until about halfway through them month. Still, $26 a week isn’t bad for diapers, wipes, toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant and everything else.
I’d love to hear your stats if you track them!

Hours later and I’m still giggling about it

1 04 2008

In my never ending quest to lose weight, I have discovered a new exercise class that I actually enjoy. The class is called Zumba and its a blast. The class is latin dance with a hip hop feel, its fast paced and feels more like club dancing than exercising. When I first started, I loved the music, but I felt like an idiot because I couldn’t keep up and I was all over the place. You have to understand, coordinated I am not. I’m the type of person that trips on nothing and falls on my face. I’ve always felt too tall and gangly and when I dance, I feel like my body is not really under my control- my limbs are flailing all over the place and I tend to look like this woman (just not so skinny!) I finally found a system for enjoying this dance class, though. I found a really big pillar and I make sure to position myself behind it so that I can’t see my spastic movements and I try to pretend that I look like the instructor (coordination-wise and body-wise; she’s hot!) and that I’m at home dancing in my living room. This allows me to have fun and let loose and get a really good workout. After class yesterday, the other women and I were all talking and one woman actually asked if I had previous dance experience! HA! HAHAHAHA! Yup, still makes me giggle. Apparently dancing like no one’s watching makes up for looking like Elaine on Seinfeld.