Hours later and I’m still giggling about it

1 04 2008

In my never ending quest to lose weight, I have discovered a new exercise class that I actually enjoy. The class is called Zumba and its a blast. The class is latin dance with a hip hop feel, its fast paced and feels more like club dancing than exercising. When I first started, I loved the music, but I felt like an idiot because I couldn’t keep up and I was all over the place. You have to understand, coordinated I am not. I’m the type of person that trips on nothing and falls on my face. I’ve always felt too tall and gangly and when I dance, I feel like my body is not really under my control- my limbs are flailing all over the place and I tend to look like this woman (just not so skinny!) I finally found a system for enjoying this dance class, though. I found a really big pillar and I make sure to position myself behind it so that I can’t see my spastic movements and I try to pretend that I look like the instructor (coordination-wise and body-wise; she’s hot!) and that I’m at home dancing in my living room. This allows me to have fun and let loose and get a really good workout. After class yesterday, the other women and I were all talking and one woman actually asked if I had previous dance experience! HA! HAHAHAHA! Yup, still makes me giggle. Apparently dancing like no one’s watching makes up for looking like Elaine on Seinfeld.




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