The other side

11 06 2008

So, I’ve whined quite a bit (mostly in my head, but still) about all of the thankless jobs that I do around here. I get so frustrated because nothing that I do lasts at all. The kitchen will have to be cleaned tomorrow, the laundry, the grocery shopping, etc, etc, etc.  I tend to be pretty envious of my dear husband for some of the jobs he does because they are noticeable and they last. The lastest example is our floors. He has busted his butt to rip out the carpet in our house and install new laminate floors. The job is dirty, backbreaking and exhausting, but it also has the thrill of doing something yourself and everyone walks in and “Ohs” and “Ahs” over this incredible accomplishment.  This Sunday, however, I took note of all of the thankless jobs that my husband does. He finished the floor in his closet, went to Lowe’s, picked me up my Sunday papers, installed the grid in my second garden, replaced the broken toilet seat and changed out all of the burnt out light bulbs in our house (which was most of them). It occurred to me that no one was going to walk into his closet just to admire the floor or walk out of the bathroom and congratulate him on an amazingly placed toiled seat or walk into the house and exclaim, “Wow, you did a great job lighting the place today!” So thanks, babe, for all the things that you do. I really appreciate it!


Why I’m always tired..

6 06 2008

I had several optional titles for this post like, “why I always feel like a chicken with my head cut off” or “Why it feels like I never accomplish anything” or just, “A Day in the Life of a Tired Mom”. I’ve experienced a lot of frustration lately by how exhausted I always feel and how messy the house always is, so I decided to log my activity for a day, if for no other reason than to remind myself of all that I do accomplish on a regular basis. (Even if no one else can tell!)

Emptied the diaper genie, took out the trash, fixed Tori’s milk, let the dogs out of their kennels, changed Tori, changed Taryn, Nursed Tarn, Fixed Tori more milk, Fixed Taryn breakfast, Watered the garden, Fixed Tori breakfast, Changed Tori, Emptied the dishwasher, Sorted clothes, Put a load on to wash, Put up Tori’s clean clothes, Cleaned off the dining room table, Put up a load of clothes, Put a load on to wash, Picked up the living room, Picked up the media room, Put load of clothes up, Put load on to wash, Picked up the Kitchen, Put a load of clothes up, Put load on to wash, Changed Taryn, Picked up the master bathroom (which was FULL of stuff dumped from the bedroom while the floors were being done), Picked up the girls room, Changed sheets on both of the girls beds, Put up load of clothes, Put load on the wash, Changed Tori, Organized coupons, Went to the store, Went to Petco, Changed Taryn, Unloaded groceries and put away, Fixed both girls dinner, Fed Taryn, Changed the girls for bed, Nursed Taryn, Shaved both dogs, Took a shower and some benadryl and CRASHED!!!

That was my day. Granted, I don’t groom the dogs or go to the store everyday, but I do generally feel like I go and go and go and it doesn’t really matter because most of the things that I do are things are going to have to be done the next day and the next and the next.

The good news is that I’m taking today off! The hubby is working from home today and I am hightailing it out of here. The last time I had a day off it was back in November when I went to RenFest, so I am very excited. I’m getting a long overdue pedicure and then I’m going to have a nice lunch somewhere (possibly alone, but that’s ok) and then I’m going to the movies. Not sure what I’m seeing, but its not really important.