The other side

11 06 2008

So, I’ve whined quite a bit (mostly in my head, but still) about all of the thankless jobs that I do around here. I get so frustrated because nothing that I do lasts at all. The kitchen will have to be cleaned tomorrow, the laundry, the grocery shopping, etc, etc, etc.  I tend to be pretty envious of my dear husband for some of the jobs he does because they are noticeable and they last. The lastest example is our floors. He has busted his butt to rip out the carpet in our house and install new laminate floors. The job is dirty, backbreaking and exhausting, but it also has the thrill of doing something yourself and everyone walks in and “Ohs” and “Ahs” over this incredible accomplishment.  This Sunday, however, I took note of all of the thankless jobs that my husband does. He finished the floor in his closet, went to Lowe’s, picked me up my Sunday papers, installed the grid in my second garden, replaced the broken toilet seat and changed out all of the burnt out light bulbs in our house (which was most of them). It occurred to me that no one was going to walk into his closet just to admire the floor or walk out of the bathroom and congratulate him on an amazingly placed toiled seat or walk into the house and exclaim, “Wow, you did a great job lighting the place today!” So thanks, babe, for all the things that you do. I really appreciate it!




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