13 07 2009

Hooray for Kroger’s 99 cent sale on cherries. I stocked up on almost 8 lbs and I’m honestly seriously considering going back for more. The last batch of cherry jam turned out amazing, so I think that’s the fate of most of these new cherries. (Even though the last thing my family needs is more jam!)

cherry jam

cherry jam

*Photo courtesy of ReinventingJess

I love this stuff. Its amazing in PB&J and perfect on toast all by itself. I know it would be perfect on top of cheesecake, but I haven’t had the excuse to make one yet. The recipe is so ridiculously easy that pitting the cherries is the longest part of the process for me. Well, that and cleaning the kitchen.  Here is where I found the recipe. I’ve used plenty of their other recipes for fresh fruit; I highly recommend them. This is the simple version of the recipe:

4 cups of pitted cherries

2 tablespoons of lemon juice

2.5 cups of sugar

1 box of pectin

* I did find that when I pulsed the cherries in the food processor, the jam had a more even consistency and it set up much better.

I’m sure I’ll save a pound or two for something more interesting. My last cherry pie turned out pretty well, so I’m thinking maybe some individul cherry turnovers or the classic cherry crumble. Assuming, of course, that we don’t eat them all in snacking before it comes to that. I just know that at some point next winter, I’m going to be dreaming about the taste of fresh cherries and it would be such a treat to be able to pull out some wonderful desserts from the freezer. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself and my hubby as I keep running back to the store to get more cherries.

Here’s the cherry pie that I baked for the fourth. My photography skills are seriously lacking, so please forgive the lighting. It tasted much better than it looked and I was quite pleased since this was the first pie crust I’ve ever made from scratch.

cherry pie




2 responses

13 07 2009
Melissa Mikus

I am going to try the cherry chutney recipe in my big canning book. NOM.

Also I have discovered that jam makes a really handy last minute gift. I think I am going to start keeping some in my car. 😀

13 07 2009

That’s a good idea. Let me know how the chutney comes out. I took stock today and I have 44 8-ounce jars of jam and 12 4-ounce jars of jam. I think we’re good for awhile. I think I’m going to try and make several batches of cherry pie filling and freeze them.

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