Its the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse….

30 07 2009

If that tune is not running through your head right now and you aren’t mentally singing the rest of the song, then you don’t have kids. For all of you who do, you understand the obsession that is the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. This obsession is what prompted me to attempt a clubhouse cake for Taryn’s second birthday party. Admittedly, I was disappointed with the results, but Taryn didn’t seem to mind my disaster and I did learn that I’m capable of making marshmallow fondant.  The cake did taste great and I even found a frosting recipe that I like (which I promptly lost the next day.)

Taryn and her cake

Clubhouse Cake

The cake was a simple sheet cake (a mixture of Butter Golden and White because those were the boxes that I had.)  I’m still trying to track down the frosting that I used. I know that it had 1/2 a teaspoon of salt and a little bit of lemon juice that helped offset the usual overpowering sweetness of frosting. When I track down the recipe, I’ll post it here because it was fantastic. Even my brother in law liked it and he doesn’t generally care for frosting at all. The clubhouse is made of shaped rice krispies treats that I covered in royal icing and then covered in marshmallow fondant. It didn’t turn out anywhere near the picture in my head, but I’ll cut myself a little slack for my first attempt with homemade fondant. If you are interested, the marshmallow fondant tastes 100 times better than the crap that you can buy from Wilton.

I already have my next project. My aunt has just requested a helicopter cake for my cousin (he just received his flying license.) I’m thinking I’ll do that entirely out of cake. It’ll have grey icing. I don’t even want to think how you make grey icing. (name that movie!) Maybe candy for the details, but no rice krispies for that one. Wish me luck!




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