My kids don’t know it, but I rock!

23 02 2010

I’ve spent most of motherhood feeling like a failure. Maybe its because I never expected to be a mother or maybe its just something that every mother feels because we want so very much for our children. This afternoon was a nice exception. The temperatures have plummeted again and forecasters are talking snow and sleet tonight. For us Texas natives, this is just crazy! After I brought the kids home from school, I decided we all needed a nice cup of hot chocolate to warm us up. I drank instant cocoa growing up and I never thought twice about it.  Since I’ve changed my eating habits, I’ve found that I can’t stand the taste and I wanted to make something better. After perusing recipe after recipe on the internet, I decided I was over thinking the whole thing. I grabbed some a Dove dark chocolate baking bar and melted it into a saucepan with some half and half, milk, cinnamon and vanilla extract. Once it all melted into a creamy consistency (with little floating specks of dark chocolate), I poured it into miniature mugs (I use my espresso mugs) and topped it with some homemade whipped cream. The girls and I sat at the breakfast table and drank our hot chocolate and talked about the day and giggled over silly things. For this one moment, I felt like a great mom. I’m going to enjoy the feeling while it lasts!

Forgive the picture quality- its from my phone