My cupboards (and freezer) runneth over…

6 01 2010

I have too much food in my house. I know, this is a terrible problem to have. Unfortunately, for some weird reason I’m amazingly talented at stockpiling food, but I’m terrible at actually using the food that I buy. You would think that I had survived the depression or something. When I see a great deal on good food, I immediately snatch it up and stash it into the freezer and then never touch it again. Not because I didn’t like what I bought. But because I might need it later. You know, if there is a natural disaster or we have a random, spontaneous party or HEB gets hit by a meteor. Just. In. Case. Its gotten to the point that I can not fit one single piece of food into my already packed freezers. Yes, freezers.

So, I’ve decided that January of 2010 is when I break this cycle. I’m going to start using everything that I have. In order to do this, I’ve cut my grocery budget to $55 a week. This includes food, toilet paper, razors, shampoo, dog and cat food, pull ups, etc. I’m hoping this will force me to use what is available and it will allow me to save money for new plants for my garden that will translate into groceries later on. (My current obsession is my own berry orchard; blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and cherries.)  I initially arrived at $55 because I thought I would spend $20 at HEB, $10 at Kroger, $20 at the Farmer’s Market and $5 at CVS.   This great theory was blown out of the water when I spent $40 at HEB today. I may have to rethink this. I’m going to skip the Farmer’s Market since we still have produce from last week.

The problem is that I love to cook. When I get an idea of what I want to cook, I want to cook it that night. Even if it means running to the store for 3 more ingredients. Its going to be a challenge to make myself plan meals backwards working from the foods that I already have.

Tonight’s dinner cost $3.00. I made open faced chicken parm sandwiches with a side of potato soup. The soup came from my mom and I made the marinara from my leftover market tomatoes, the bread from scratch and topped the chicken with fresh mozzarella I had leftover from last night’s dinner.  I spent $3.00 on the chicken, which isn’t bad, but I could still do better. I have 3 or 4 things in my freezer that I could have made a similar meal with, but my heart was stuck on chicken. This is going to be a very challenging month.


CVS sales- stock up on baby stuff!

6 04 2008

April 6, 2008

Total Value: $122.74

Total OOP: $6.43

Saved $116.31 or 95%

Spent 49.45 in ECB; Made 38 in ECB

Great shopping day!

4 04 2008
TOTAL OOP: $21.64!!
Total Value: $126.13
Total Saved: $104.49 or 83%
(and I made $6.79 ECBs and a coupon for free cereal!)
First I went to CVS
1st transaction
2 6-packs Glucerna Shakes @ 10.49 each
Used 2 $10 off coupons from the Glucerna website. (See Money Saving Mom for details)
Paid 98 cents OOP
Made $4 ECB!
2nd transaction
5 CVS Rapid Release Pain 24ct capsules (April deal)
1 Chocolate Bar (random filler)
1 Charms Blow pop (random filler)
$4/20 CVS coupon (just register or update your email at
Used 14.97 ECB+ 2.00 ECB + 19 cents OOP
Received $19.95 in ECB (made 2.79 in ECB)
1 box Glucerna Cereal @ 4.49
2 Softsoap handwashes @ .99 each (with instore coupon)
Used $1.50 coupon for the cereal from a sticker on the top of the shakes that I bought at CVS
Used $5 Register Rewards
Walgreens owed me a dime after the transactions
Received a coupon for a free Glucerna cereal and a coupon for 1.50/2 shakes, bars or cereal
Then I went to Kroger.
They are having a great sale where if you buy 10 participating products, then you get $5 off at the register (with a limit of 3 instant rebates per transaction)
Everything shown except the eggs and packages of chicken were included in that sale.
1 carton of eggs
2 packages Tyson boneless chicken breast (Kroger sale- Buy 1 Get 1 Free + $1.00/1 from SS 1/06)
4 packages Betty Crocker Pouch Cookie Mix ( 4 $.50/1 from 3/16 SS)
3 boxes Betty Crocker Muffin Mix (3 $0.50/1 from 3/16 SS)
3 Pilsbury Crescent Rolls 4-5 count (3 $.30/1 from 3/16 SS)
2 Pilsbury Pizza Crust + 1 French Loaf (2 $.50/2 from 3/16 SS)
4 Pilsbury Buttermilk Biscuits 4 count (2 $.30/2 from 3/16 SS)
1 Excedrin Extra Strength 10 count (1 $2.00/1 from 3/2 RP *my kroger does not allow overage so this counted as $1/1)
2 New York Texas Garlic Toast ($.40/1 from1/27 RP)
1 Keebler Fudge Shoppe ($.40/1 from 4/6 RP *came in the mail yesterday)
4 Kraft Block Cheese
4 Peter Pan Peanut Butter 18 oz.
Kroger savings: $28.11
Coupons: $24.70
Kroger Bonus Coupons: $8.00
Total Savings: $60.81
Total Paid: $20.57

March CVS Wrapup

2 04 2008
Total Value: $816.91
Total OOP: $104.04
Total Saved: $712.87 or 87%
All in all, it was more out of pocket than I would have preferred to have spent, but I didn’t “figure it out” until about halfway through them month. Still, $26 a week isn’t bad for diapers, wipes, toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant and everything else.
I’d love to hear your stats if you track them!

Gotta love free diapers!

30 03 2008
It’s a great time to stock up on Pampers!
Total Value: $40.50
OOP: $0.54
ECB earned: 4.99
There are several Pampers coupons floating around. There were a couple in the P&G insert from 3/2. Also, if you buy Cheerios there is a $1.50 coupon on the back. (Randall’s has an in store coupon for 4/$4 General Mills cereals, so if you use that you can make $2.00 by buying cereal!) If you sign up at they will send you coupons in the mail (probably not in time for this deal, but they are always good to have on hand). Even without coupons, $8.99 for a package of diapers or pullups isn’t bad especially combined with ECBs!

My mall shopping trip

29 03 2008

When you have 2 young kids, you hardly ever go to the mall. I brought Taryn in for her 8 month pictures (they’ll be up as soon as I can scan them!) and I did a little shopping for myself while I was there. Here’s what I got.

At Libby Lu, I got a free Hanna Montana CD for my cousin thanks to this coupon. At Bath and Body works, I spent around $3 on some travel body spray for me and used this coupon to get a free gift bag worth $10. At Victoria Secrets, I bought myself some sparkly eye shadow and eye liner on sale for $10 and received a full sized body scrub thanks to this coupon. Have I mentioned that I love coupons?

This looked interesting

27 03 2008

Thanks to iMommies for passing on this deal! I looked up some of the discounts in our area and it definitely seemed worth it. Free passes to the museums and Old McDonald’s Farm (for those of you in the Humble/Kingwood area) and 1/2 price on sporting tickets peaked my interest. Take a look and if you end up buying one, put me as a referral! 🙂 If you don’t, then you can just hang out with me and mooch off my coupons.